I am a researcher (RTD/A) at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Pavia since October 2021.

In May 2021, I was granted the Italian “Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale” (Settore Concorsuale:01/A2, Fascia: 2).

Since 2014 I am a member (and, also, a founder) of Curvilinea, a cooperative company whose aim is the popularization of Mathematics.

Previous experiences

Research interests

My area of study is complex algebraic geometry. I’m interested, in particular, in

  • Classification of Calabi-Yau and IHS
  • Classification of surfaces of general type
  • Group actions and automorphisms groups of varieties
  • Geography problems in Algebraic Geometry
  • Moduli spaces of semistable torsion-free sheaves on curves
  • Problems related to the choice of polarizations for torsion-free sheaves on reducible curves
  • Fibered surfaces
  • Toric Geometry
  • Gorenstein Artinian Algebras and Lefschetz Properties

Currently, I’m working on:

  • 1-forms on open sets of the moduli space of smooth curves of genus g and coverings of such spaces;
  • moduli spaces and coherent systems of torsion-free sheaves on nodal curves;
  • Generalization of Brill-Noether loci to torsion-free sheaves on nodal curves;
  • Variations problems on curves and, more generally, on hypersurfaces. In particular, I’m dealing with this problem for families of planar curves;
  • Gordan-Noether’s Theorem and links to standard Artinian Gorenstein algebras;
  • Lefschetz properties for Jacobian rings of cubics and generalizations.


  • November 2013 – Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics, University of Pavia.
    “Threefolds di Calabi-Yau con azioni di gruppi finiti” (Algebraic Geometry)
    Advisor: Prof. Gilberto Bini, Tutor: Prof. Gian Pietro Pirola
  • September 2010 – Master degree in Mathematics,  University of Milano.
    “Threefolds di Calabi-Yau con azioni di gruppi finiti” (Algebraic Geometry)
    Advisor: Prof. Lambertus van Geemen.” Mark: 110/110 (cum laude).
  • October 2008 – Bachelor degree in Mathematics, University of Milano.
    “Seifert surfaces” (knot theory).
    Advisor: Prof.ssa Maria Dedò. Mark: 110/110 (cum laude).
  • July 2005 – Scientific high school diploma

Other affiliations

I am a member of the INdAM (National Institute of High Mathematics) group GNSAGA since 2008.
I am a member of the Italian Mathematical Union (UMI).
I am a member of the editorial committee of the newsletter of the Italian Mathematical Union (UMI).
Since 2020, I’m one of the postdoc’s representatives at the Math Department of the University of Milano-Bicocca.

My Curriculum Vitae

Here you can find my CV (in Italian). Last update: July 2022.